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”Africa Is Gaining Prominence On A Global Scale" – Tribune Online

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In the music industry in particular we are at an inflection point where Afrobeat or music that originated in Africa is gaining prominence on a global scale with artists such as Wizkid and Davido charting internationally and collaborating with international superstars. To continue to drive this growth and make it more sustainable,champions who authentically believe in the potential of the continent are needed. One entrepreneur, OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, an artist who Many musicians, artists, and Entrepreneur across the world draw inspiration from the continent for their work is OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, professionally known as Skilzar.
Born, OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, is one of those impressive musician-entrepreneurs who has made a name for himself in the music business, first as a writer and then as an Afropop artist.
Since achieving success, OLUWASEUN has taken his career in his own hand and created an entrepreneurial empire that has sprung forth from his own creativity and hard work.
He hails from Ifedayo local government area in Osun State, attended the Lagos State Model College Igbonla Epe where he completed his secondary education and went on to attend the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho Oyo state before embarking on his music career. He is indeed one of those artists who believe that being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.
Known for his music as well as his entrepreneurial strides, OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE is said to have toed the path of his father who is also an entrepreneur. He made his first entry into the business world with a partnership deal with *Crepaway Nigeria*
Being a natural business person, OLUWASEUN is also known for his progressive attitude towards producing rap music. He fell in love with music at a tender age of 5 and has since recorded mainstream success while operating privately.
Skilzar was born in Lagos, Nigeria in the late ’80s where he remembers his youth being “full of life growing up in an amazing community”. His earliest memories of music were in his family home, as a child listening to Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician considered as the pioneer of the Afrobeat genre.
*OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS), The Chartered Institute For I.T. But After his university degree, He proceeded into starting his music and entrepreneur career; Skilzar didn’t forget many of the lessons he had learned through his degree and internships.* He realized to make things work he had to structure things. He decided to set up *Skilzar Digital* , a Digital Marketing, Branding and consultancy firm based in Lagos led by OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE and his male manager.
His firm has received numerous awards, partnerships with global brands, and in August Skilzar launched his debut mixtape album *Novacane which was widely acclaimed and was on Top 10 countdown for over a month on Silverbird rythm 93.7 fm*
Outside of music and business Skilzar has been influenced by his family, who were always very passionate about education to ensure that he gives back. Education has helped him in structuring his career and he feels that everyone should have access to this. In light of this, he has spearheaded several initiatives in his community with an estimated 4000 underprivileged children that has benefited.
Skilzar has significant ambition to achieve much more in music but speaking to him it’s his philanthropic work and helping others he seems more enthusiastic about and I’m sure he will leverage his platform to leave a positive impact on Africa.

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© 2023 Tribune Online – an online publication of African Newspapers of Nigeria Plc. All rights reserved
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