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Agriculture and Food – South Africa | The Netherlands and South Africa – The Netherlands and You

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Horticulture is a key opportunity for development in SA, where Dutch companies and institutes can significantly be of help in getting results. The rising consumer demand for high-quality vegetables, flowers, and plants indicates the need for modern and sustainable production. Climate regulated greenhouses are needed to achieve high yields, product quality and reduce costs of inputs such as water, fertilizer, and energy.  In March 2013 a group of South African and Dutch companies, established the SA-NET Horticulture Business Platform, to identify project opportunities and apply the appropriate technology for local circumstances.
The next step in the value chain that will get full attention from the Embassy is Food processing. Inappropriate handling of harvested products leads to losses of food and product value on its way to the consumer. The Dutch are especially keen on avoiding these losses and keep up the value by training and management, storage and cooling systems, processing facilities and agro-logistics. These technologies are very useful for South Africa to assure food security and to remain competitive in the international markets.
The Office of the Agricultural Counselor has conducted several market reports to provide a better understanding of the different agricultural sub-sectors in South Africa, Angola, and Mozambique. If Dutch companies are interested in receiving this report, please send an email with full contact details of your company to our office: 
Questions via e-mail, please use the contact form or by phone: +27 (0) 12 425 4570
The Netherlands
Ministry of Economic Affairs agriculture and Innovation 
NL Agency – the number one contact point for businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies, in relation to information, advice, financing, networking and regulatory matters. 
Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority – for information on import and export regulations. 
Agri Holland – a source of general information on Dutch agriculture. 
Agri-ProFocus – a network of Dutch organizations that promote farmer entrepreneurship in developing countries. 
Chamber of Commerce – each Dutch province has its own chamber of commerce. 
Southern Africa – Netherlands – Chamber of Commerce 
Netherlands – African Business Council 
South Africa
Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries 
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform 
South African Embassy in The Netherlands 
Chief Directorate Food & Veterinary Services – for information on import and export regulations for animals and products thereof. 
Agricultural Research Council – a South African parastatal with a mandate of promoting Agriculture and Industry, to contribute to a better quality of life, and to facilitate and ensure resource conservation. 
National Plant Protection Organisation – for information on import and export regulations for plants and related products. 
Southern Africa – Netherlands – Chamber of Commerce 
Land Bank – a specialist agricultural bank guided by a government mandate to provide financial services to the agricultural sector. 
National Agricultural Marketing Council – a parastatal that advises the Minister of Agriculture and the South African Agriculture Industry on matters relating to the marketing of agricultural products. 
Official Links Page of SA Agriculture 


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