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Anlo Kingdom must foster unity for development – Togbuiga Wenya III – Myjoyonline

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The Dutor of Anlo, Togbuiga Wenya III has called for a truce with regards to the tussle within the top hierarchy of the traditional authority of the Anlo Kingdom in the Volta Region.
He acknowledged that there were disagreements between his faction and the Awomefia, Togbui Sri III which would not auger well for the development of the renowned kingdom.
Speaking to Myjoyonline.com on recent happenings in the Anlo land, he indicated that it was necessary to head to court after several attempts to resolve the issues “in-house” failed.
“I appreciate the fact that there are disagreements between the Sri-Awadada faction and the Dutor Wenya faction. And the only best way and civilized manner, of resolving this dispute, if it can not be resolved in-house is to turn to the law court so that the law will make a determination of the matters”, he said.
He explained that the disagreements stemmed from the fact that the Togbui Sri faction did not want to accept the existence of the Dutor Wenya title, “and downplayed the role of Dutor Wenya” in the migration of the Anlos.
He emphasized that Dutor Wenya I led the exodus of the Dagbos, (now Anlos) from Notsie to their present settlement, “and there is documentary evidence”.
Dutor Wenya III was also bitter about the development surrounding the celebration of the Hogbetsotso Za, which included a legal tussle on the accountability of festival proceeds.
He believes such an instance could have been avoided if both factions had agreed to put up a joint committee to take charge of organizing the festival, as he suggested.
He said his faction decided not to go ahead and organize the festival after a successful launch but performed all the customary rites to usher in the annual celebrations.
“During this Hogbe planning, we also made a lot of approaches to the Sri side so we could have a joint committee to plan this year’s celebration. Of course, every now and then they will call off the meeting at the last minute.
‘And I believe that it degenerated into this [legal tussle]. The court will make determination of everything and I believe everybody will be okay and then there will be peace. But in the end, instead of being confrontational and people will get hurt and lose their lives, it is best to resolve it legally, and at the end of the day there will be documentary evidence to show this is how the court decided; that ‘Okay, you are right, you are wrong,’ for posterity”, he explained.
Dutor Wenya III stressed that he would only attend this year’s Hogbetsotso Za Grand Durbar if certain things including established protocols are agreed upon before the celebrations.
“There must be agreement because the brochure itself, we must agree on what goes into it. And of course, again, sitting arrangements during the main durbar also and then the protocols. And without a joint committee to agree to these things, there is no way I will take part in it. Unless of course, I am approached and I am clear, and my handlers are clear as to how roles should be apportioned, protocols etcetera”, he added.
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