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Gabon coup: Nigeria, AU, Commonwealth, odas react – BBC

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Wia dis foto come from, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu/Facebook
Nigerian President Bola Tinubu don tok say im dey watch wetin dey shele for Gabon wit deep concern for di kontri social and political stability.
E say e also dey concern wit di coup wey dey spread across Africa.
Di special adviser to di president on media and publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, tok dis one for one statement on Wednesday 30 August.
Ngelale tok say President Tinubu believe say na di pipo get power and no be gun get am.
“Di President confam say di rule of law and faithfulness to di constitutional resolutions and instruments of electoral dispute resolution no suppose die from our great continent,” di statement tok.
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Im tok say di president dey work very closely and continue to communicate wit oda Heads of States for di African Union to agree on di next steps forward on how power for Gabon go play out and how Africa go respond to di coup wey dey spread for di continent.
African Union condemn di coup wey happun for Gabon wia di military bin place president Bongo under house arrest.
Chairman of AU Commission, H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat tok say im dey follow di situation for Gabon wit great concerns, sake of say di attempted coup constitute “flagrant violation of di legal and political instruments of African Union, including di African Charter on Elections, Democracy and Governance.”
AU chairman for im statement on Wednesday call on di army and oda security forces to guarantee integrity of di president of di Republic, members of im family, and goment.
“Di Chairman of di Commission bin encourage all political, civil and military actors got Gabon to give priority to peaceful political avenues, and sharp sharp return to democratic constitutional order for di kontri.”
Di secretary general of di Commonwealth dey fear sake of di military coup for Gabon, e say di group dey monitor di situation.
Patricia Scotland say dem dey "concerned", about di situation, e add say: "Di Commonwealth Charter dey clear to member states say dem must follow di rule of law and di principles of democracy all di times."
Gabon join di commonwealth for June 2022 to try to reduce dia dependence on France – wey be dia former colonial master.
France also condemn wetin dey occur for Gabon and tell di coup leaders to respect di election result.
Dis na di latest for di series of military takeovers wey dey happun for West and Central Africa, most of dem na former French colonies.
EU foreign policy chief say di coup go make di entire region more unstable.
China foreign ministry tok-tok pesin Wang Wenbin say: "China dey monitor di situation wey dey happun for Gabon and wey dey tell everybody wey get hand for di mata to focus on di interests of di kontri and di pipo, to settle dia differences peacefully, so dat eviritin go return back to normal as soon as possible. And also make sure say President Bongo dey safe, maintain national peace, stability, and overall development."
Russian foreign ministry tok-tok person Maria Zakharova say: "Moscow dey concerned sake of all di kata-kata wey dey happun for di friendly African kontri. We go continue to closely monitor di situation for dia and hope for say sharpely stabilize tins dia."
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