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Global Sky Limited launches Genesics – Myjoyonline

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In a grand and momentous event, GENESICS was officially introduced to the world, promising to revolutionise trust and security across multiple sectors.
The launch ceremony, held in Accra was attended by distinguished guests, notable figures, and stakeholders from various industries.
The event opened with gratitude and a moment of reflection, acknowledging the role of divine grace in bringing GENESICS to fruition. The driving force behind this innovation was Global Sky Limited, a company deeply rooted in honesty, integrity, and transparency, and their vision to reduce crime through modern technology.
GENESICS is set to establish a world where trust is at the forefront of every interaction. For sole proprietors, it offers a platform to effortlessly showcase their credibility, leading to increased visibility and more business.
Business owners will benefit from a simplified vetting process, connecting with professionals of impeccable credentials. For students, GENESICS opens doors to career opportunities and meaningful experiences, bridging the gap between academia and the professional world. Landlords and property owners can enjoy transparency and informed decision-making regarding their tenants.
What sets GENESICS apart is its innovative approach to referencing, considering it as an art that paints a comprehensive picture of a person’s or company’s credibility and character. The legacy of trust and security of Global Sky Limited amplifies this commitment.
Not stopping at the present, Global Sky Limited has announced plans to launch a security school next year, where the next generation of security professionals will hone their skills in coding, robotics, and cybersecurity.
As part of the launch, GENESCIS is offering a two-month discount to all institutions that sign up for a year using genesics.com, providing an opportunity for transformation in business and employment.
GENESICS has set out to change the face of business and employment, ushering in a future of trust, security, and innovation.
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