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Government should invest more into the creative arts industry – Kaywa – Myjoyonline

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Ghanaian music producer Kaywa has advised the government to turn its attention to the creative arts industry and invest more in it for the country’s benefit.
According to him, the creative arts industry in Ghana is often disregarded and looked down on. Many parents tend to discourage their children from studying creative arts courses and venturing into the industry because of the perception that it’s a field for dropouts and failures.
Speaking to Amelley Djosu on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz Show, Kaywa explained that the creative arts industry has produced many of the amazing talents that keep putting the country on the map.
Government investing more in it and exploring the opportunities it can create for the youth will help alleviate the negative perception people have about the industry.
“From a governmental point of view, let’s put in a lot of investment. Not just money, but attention is also important. It is an area that we were taught not to put a premium on because creative arts are for dropouts, but that’s not so,” he said.
The producer also stated that aside from the government investing in the creative arts industry, it should pay close attention to it as well. Pushing for the inclusion of creative arts into the curriculum of students will go a long way towards helping them find and nurture their talents.
Building more avenues and organisations to help train people with dreams of turning their creative skills and talents into businesses will also help slowly alleviate unemployment issues, which will benefit the country as a whole.
Music producer Kaywa further explained that any musician popular for releasing amazing songs and videos is automatically a national asset. They should, however, be treated with respect and support so they can continue driving positive traffic from international organisations into the country.
“Every artist who sings, comes on TV, and whose songs are out there is automatically a national asset. Let me remind you of how the entire nation was affected by what happened to Castro. That is how every artist should be treated,” he stated.
The music engineer advised parents to stop focusing on the negative side of the creative industry. According to him, the creative arts industry is currently the fastest-growing industry worldwide. There are many opportunities for well-versed youth in this field. So instead of parents ridiculing and killing their children’s dreams, they should encourage their children to follow their passion and keep building upon their skills, as it guarantees them a bright future.
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