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Jersey Overseas Aid responds to north African disasters – BBC

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The earthquake in Morocco caused significant damage to many buildings
At a glance
Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) has allocated £175,000 to support humanitarian efforts in north Africa
In Morocco, £75,000 has been given to British charity RedR for a structural damage assessment programme
In Libya of £100,000 will go to The British Red Cross and their Libya Floods Appeal
A total of £175,000 has been allocated by Jersey's official aid agency, to support relief efforts after disasters in Libya and Morocco.
Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) has acted to help people who have been left homeless and in need of lifesaving assistance.
In Morocco, £75,000 has been given to British charity RedR for a structural damage assessment programme.
In Libya, £100,000 has been sent to The British Red Cross for its work with victims of floods in the country.
On 8 September an earthquake near Marrakesh, Morocco, caused close to 3,000 fatalities with thousands more injured.
On 10 September, Storm Daniel battered coastal areas of Libya, causing floods that washed away entire neighbourhoods and wrecked homes in several towns.
More than 10,000 people remain missing according to figures from the UN's Office for the Co-Ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Deputy Carolyn Labey, Minister for International Development and Chair of the JOA Commission, said: “Both disasters have claimed many lives and left thousands homeless and without basic necessities such as food, clean water, shelter and access to medical services."
RedR will work with 814 local engineers in Morocco, technical responders and other humanitarian responders to assess damage to buildings and determine safe entry.
Part of their response will focus on developing training capacity of local structural specialists, enabling them to support fellow engineers.
Noor Kuchai, RedR's UK senior technical programmes co-ordinator, said: "The funding from JOA will enable us to support local technical and non-technical responders to assess damage to buildings and homes, determining safe entry."
The Libyan allocation will support the Libya Red Crescent (LRC) and the wider response to the floods, prioritising first aid and emergency medical assistance as well as the prevention of disease outbreak.
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