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Juabenhemaa, Nana Akosua Akyamaa III passes away – Myjoyonline

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The news of the passing of Nana Akosua Akyamaa III, Juabenhemaa, has left the town of Juaben in a state of mourning.
The beloved queen, who had reigned for 28 years, was 97 years old at the time of her passing.
The solemn announcement was made by the leaders of Asuminam, with Nana Obugya Asante III, Asuminamhene, at the forefront.
Nana Obugya Asante III, accompanied by the nananom (elders) of Asuminam, conveyed the heart-wrenching news to Nana Otuo Siriboe II, Omanhene of Juaben, and Nana Kwaku Boateng III, Omanhene of New Juaben.
Their voices echoed with sorrow as they shared the news of Nana Akosua Akyamaa III’s demise.
The mournful sounds of the Biribireba drums filled the air as a symbol of the profound loss that the community now bears. Alongside the drumming, ‘Kwadwom’ and ‘ntahera’ dirges were played to further emphasise that the entire Juabenman region is united in mourning.
Nana Akosua Akyamaa III’s legacy is deeply etched in the history of Juaben.
Her 28-year reign was marked by her unwavering dedication to her people and the progress of her community. As the people of Juaben remember her, they do so with great respect and admiration for her years of service.
The loss of Nana Akosua Akyamaa III, Juabenhemaa, is not only a loss for Juaben but for all those who had the privilege of knowing and being influenced by her remarkable leadership. The entire community is united to pay their respects and honor her memory during this difficult time.
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