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Kwesi Arthur addresses commitment on new song '4Lyfe' – Myjoyonline

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Our world is now filled with fleeting emotions and ever-changing trends. But the timelessness and enduring nature of a beautifully crafted love song never ceases to leave us in awe.
And once again, Kwesi Authur has delivered a soulful song, ‘4Lyfe’ that captivates hearts with its passionate lyrics and enchanting melodies. The beautifully composed song is a testament to the bond that can be created by deep, meaningful and heartfelt connections.
“4Lyfe” encourages listeners to not give up on this enduring emotion although it highlights the layers of fear buried in any true love – the fear of loss and of betrayal. 
The very first note in “4Lyfe” shows a partner who is willing to do anything to ensure a relationship works out. Kwesi Arthur makes a forceful statement of intent to a lover: “Plan B bi say plan A for work.”
This doesn’t come off as a romantic statement per se. But it is endearing and comforting in the ears of any lover, especially in a time like ours, when love is barely fought for. The captivating lyrics that follow tells why he has decided to fight for his love.
This melts into an assuring chorus same as love melts our boundaries.
The chorus is a promise. A promise by a lover to stay faithful to the end. But this is also where fear and the possibility of betrayal is echoed. The vulnerability the lyrics evokes is warmth to those who love genuinely. It expresses the incredible and deep connection that can arise between two individuals, leaving a lasting impression on both regardless of how things end. And that is the same imprint that the song leaves on a listener’s heart.
The song, like any real love, creeps into the corners of a listener’s mind and attaches its strings and melodies onto the heart. 
In this age of shallow connections, Kwesi Arthur’s use of smooth rap lines that dovetail into enthralling singing in “4Lyfe”, serves as a testament to the enduring power of love. The song challenges all to commit to life as that is what a commitment to love is.
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