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Nigeria@63: 10 takeaways from Tinubu's nationwide broadcast – Tribune Online

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President Tinubu
President Bola Tinubu in his nationwide broadcast on Sunday, said his administration is doing all that it can to ease the hardship following the current economic realities in Nigeria.
In the 15-minute broadcast, Tinubu commended the founding fathers of Nigeria saying “without them, there would be no modern Nigeria”.
Here are 10 takeaways from President Tinubu’s broadcast:
1. Bold reforms are necessary to place Nigeria on the path of prosperity and growth.
2. Federal government has embarked on several public sector reforms to stabilise the economy and also to ensure the security of lives and property and lend more support to the poor and the vulnerable.
3. In bid to stop the Labour planned strike, the APC-led administration is introducing a provisional wage increment to enhance the federal minimum wage without causing undue inflation. To this effect, the average low-grade worker shall receive an additional Twenty-Five Thousand naira per month for the period of six months.
4. To ensure better grassroots development, the government has set up an Infrastructure Support Fund for states to invest in critical areas.
5. To ease the hardship, the APC-led administration opened a new chapter in public transportation through the deployment of cheaper, safer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses across the nation.
6. The government is also setting up training facilities and workshops across the nation to train and provide new opportunities for transport operators and entrepreneurs.
7. Wise tax policy is essential to economic fairness and development.
8. To boost employment and urban incomes, the government is providing investment funding for enterprises with great potential.
9. Commencing this month, the social safety net is being extended through the expansion of cash transfer programs to an additional 15 million vulnerable households.
10. Women, Youth and the physically challenged shall continue to be given due regard in the current administration.
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© 2023 Tribune Online – an online publication of African Newspapers of Nigeria Plc. All rights reserved
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