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Opening of Keta Lagoon floodgates begins – Myjoyonline

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The opening of the lagoon floodgates and the sandbar at Azizadzi has commenced to allow the free flow of the lagoon into the sea, mitigating the devastating flooding in the three municipalities of Keta, Anloga, and Ketu South.
This information was disclosed by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Keta, Emmanuel Gemegah, during a press conference held in collaboration with the Anloga and Ketu South municipalities and with assistance from the VRA.
Mr. Gemegah emphasized that thorough consultations and community engagements have been conducted to prepare community members adequately for the opening of the floodgates.
He also highlighted the urgent need to address these issues promptly to prevent any destruction of the main roads connecting the three municipalities and other national assets.
“We made sure that enough consultation was done with traditional authorities, experts in the preparation to open the lagoon into the sea and we are doing this to prevent any flood in the areas,” Mr Gemegah said.
He noted that on October 19, many communities in the Keta municipalities, Anloga, and Ketu South were flooded, with many residents left displaced.
Mr. Gemegah lamented that findings and consultations revealed that the water level in the Keta lagoon had risen to 1.382 meters, compared to the sea’s level of 0.592 meters, which he found concerning.
He encouraged residents who have been informed and understand the situation and the necessity of the project but are still trying to prevent the right course of action from being taken to reconsider their stance.
He noted that the residents who are now expressing concerns were previously well-engaged and informed before the project’s commencement, which is why he found it surprising that they were raising issues regarding the opening of the lagoon.
The Municipal Engineer, Mr. Sewor, emphasized the importance of opening the lagoon into the sea to prevent further flooding in the three districts.
Present at the meeting were the Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive, Maxwell Lugudor, and the Anloga District Chief Executive, Seth Yormewu, along with traditional authorities and residents of the three communities. The project is being assisted by the Volta River Authority (VRA).
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