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Preparing for the UN High-level Meeting on Universal Health … – World Health Organization

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In September 2019, Heads of State and Government endorsed an ambitious and comprehensive political declaration at the United Nations General Assembly high-level meeting on universal health coverage (UHC), reaffirming the right of every human being, without distinction of any kind, to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health and recommitting to achieve universal health coverage by 2030. The declaration was adopted through resolution A/RES/74/2, with a decision to convene a high-level meeting on universal health coverage in 2023 in New York.
The 2023 high-level meeting (HLM) aims for a concise, action oriented declaration based on a comprehensive review of the implementation of the 2019 declaration, lessons learned from COVID-19, identified gaps, and evidence-based recommendations to accelerate progress towards the achievement of universal health coverage by 2030.
As part of the preparatory process for the HLM on UHC, a multistakeholder hearing was organized on 9 May 2023 at the UN in New York. The summary of the hearing is accessible here: Summary of multistakeholder hearing. The written statements from multistakeholders can be accessed here.
In addition, the Group of Friends of UHC and Global Health platform, organized technical briefings and thematic dialogue series, providing updates on the latest data, evidence, and policy recommendations. Technical briefs prepared by WHO in support of the different meetings are available below.
UN General Assembly High-Level Meetings on health 2023
WHO Member States information session – UHC UN High-Level Meeting 2023 preparations
Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly – Daily update: 26 May 2023
Countries urged to safeguard the health of refugees and migrants
In Paragraph 22 of the 2019 Resolution on Universal Health Coverage (A/RES/74/2), theUnited Nations General Assembly recognized corruption as a serious…
Ensuring good quality health services for all at every stage of life is at the heart of universal health coverage (UHC). While focusing on increased financial,…
Universal health coverage (UHC) and the primary health care (PHC) approach are essential to reduce the enormous global burden of communicable diseases….
The Quadripartite (FAO, UNEO, WHO and WOAH) with the secretariat chaired by WHO this year, has developed and launched a Joint Plan of Action and convened…
Primary health care
Universal health coverage
UHC 2030, a multistakeholder platform which is hosted in WHO, with joint support from the World Bank and the OECD, is playing a lead role in convening a diverse range of non-state actors to bring different perspectives in the UN HLM preparation process.  This involves: 1. mobilising multi-stakeholder engagement; 2. consolidating and promoting a clear set of advocacy messages with the  Action agenda of the UHC Movement; 3. facilitating civil society-led country consultations and national advocacy campaigns; and 4. coordinating communications and support to partners. For more information please see UHC 2030


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