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Everything you need to help children grow smarter, stronger, kinder
Scroll to discover printables, videos, and more on topics important to your family or the families you work with.
Elmo’s Spend, Share, and Save Jars
Watch Elmo and Abby learn financial education basics.
How to Talk to Kids During Tough Financial Times
An article about how and why to talk about money as a family even when financial times are tough.
For Me, For You, For Later: First Steps to Spending, Sharing, and Saving—Educator Guide 
A guide with resources, activities, and tips for educators on bringing financial literacy into the classroom.
Transition Time: Drop-off
Help children prepare for drop-off transitions with this audio-only moment!
Shaping an Engaging Learning Environment
Your space is full of opportunities for children to learn and grow!
Lesson Planning Practice
A tool to plan opportunities for learning connected to monthly and weekly themes.
Learning Party 
When children feel welcome and included, school can feel like a learning party that they’re invited to each and every day!
Cookie Monster at Circle Time
A storybook about circle time, classroom community, caring friends, and… COOKIES!
My Classroom Circle
Children can create their own unique circle canvas to share their favorite things with their classroom community… and see what they may have in common.
I Notice, I Feel, I Can
A three-step plan to help children manage challenging emotions.
My Grown-Up Cares 
Explore the many ways in which children benefit from their relationships with caring adults.
The Feelings Garden
A video to help children explore — and learn to take care of — different feelings.
My Feelings Garden
Help children explore and talk about different feelings.
The Wonderful in You
A video with Muppet parents singing about the pride they have for their little ones.
Try It! I Am Somebody
An activity page with a strategy that can help set the stage for a lifetime of confidence, pride, and strength!
Julia & the Super-Sunny Celebration
When a big (and fun!) job needs to be done, everyone can find ways to help that are unique to them.
Elmo and Abby’s Check-up Play Date
Pretend play can help children “rehearse” situations that may frighten them.
I’m Listening
Good communication amongst family, healthcare providers, and children leads to trusting relationships and inspires healthy habits…and well-child visits are a great time to communicate!
Hooray for Healthy Teams
A child’s healthy team includes parents, extended family and caregivers, teachers, doctors, nurses, …and themselves!
Healthy and Strong, All Day Long
Everyday routines are building blocks for learning healthy habits and reaching developmental milestones.
Monster Mornings
Watch the video with children and talk about Rosita and Rosa’s healthy morning routine.
Elmo Isn’t Sleepy
Watch this video of Elmo getting ready for bed with his dad, Louie.
Ways to comfort children through scary times.
Discover tons of resources that help kids (and parents!) with what matters most in young lives: health and wellness, social-emotional skills, and school readiness.
Help children build healthy habits to last a lifetime.
Build vocabulary, spark curiosity, and help children think critically, preparing them to succeed in school and in life.
Caring adults can help kids learn coping and resilience-building techniques to help them face tough challenges like divorce, foster care, grief, and more.
Popular Topics:
*Journal of American Medicine (JAMA Pediatrics), 2021
Put in some professional development hours by taking an online course
Rhythms of Resilience
An interactive course that helps providers and caring community members introduce resilience-building practices to young children and families affected by crisis.
Welcome to SesameWorkshop.org!
In this webinar, you’ll follow along for a walkthrough of the website, including the new Family Resources section!
Resources to support children and families… and you!
Whether children are directly or indirectly exposed to violent events, there are ways to help them feel safer and more secure.
Roads to Resilience
The course Roads to Resilience highlights some of the best assets from topics across SesameWorkshop.org with customized approaches, tips and tricks on using these resources in your work with caregivers and their children.
Traumatic Experiences: First Steps to Hope (Part 1)
Part one of an interview series with Ann Thomas from The Children’s Place.
Resources for your classroom and the children you work with.
Just for Teachers: The Magic of Circle Time
Learning is all about relationships!
Building Classroom Community
An article about building classroom community after a period of remote learning.
Phonemic Awareness
Activities like word blending can help kids build phonemic awareness, which is the understanding that words are made up of a series of separate sounds, called phonemes.
Descubra imprimibles, videos y otros temas para ayudar a las familias con las que usted trabaja.
Yo observo, yo siento, yo puedo
Una estrategia sencilla para enseñarles a los niños a reconocer sus sentimientos y a controlar las emociones desafiantes.
Los adultos me cuidan
Un cuento sobre los innumerables beneficios cuando los niños cuentan con los cuidados de sus padres, cuidadores y otras personas de confianza.
El jardín de mis sentimientos
Un video para enseñarles a los niños a reconocer sus sentimientos.
El jardín de mis sentimientos 
Dibuje expresiones de varios sentimientos para enseñarles a los niños que los sentimientos son tan variados como las flores de un jardín.
Nuestros recuerdos
Un video sobre los buenos sentimientos que los recuerdos de familia nos hacen sentir.
La Princesa Pinta-Mucho 
Es divertido ser creativo especialmente cuando todos contribuimos a la diversión.  
La cita para jugar al chequeo médico de Elmo y Abby
Los juegos de pretender pueden ayudar a los niños a “ensayar” situaciones que puedan asustarles.
Estoy escuchando 
Una buena comunicación entre la familia, los proveedores de salud y los niños resulta en relaciones de confianza e inspira hábitos sanos, ¡y los chequeos médicos son un excelente momento para comunicarse!
Hurra por los equipos de salud
El equipo de salud de un niño incluye los padres, la familia extendida, además de los cuidadores infantiles, los maestros, los doctores, las enfermeras… ¡y ellos mismos!
Visitar al doctor: Ayudando a los niños a crecer fuertes y sanos
La preparación y la comunicación le ayudarán a obtener el mejor cuidado para su niño durante cada chequeo médico.
Play time and reading time are great times for learning.
Making It Work
An interactive game that helps children build flexibility.
Abby’s Broken Wand
A storybook featuring strategies to help children cope with big feelings.
Elmo’s Brain Games
You can help children build important skills in everyday moments.
The Monster Dash
A storybook featuring Karli about practicing flexibility and maintaining a positive outlook as skills to build resilience.
Bert & Ernie Reuse & Reinvent!
An interactive game about upcycling.
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