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Entrepreneurs from various walks of life in the Ashanti Region gathered to glean wisdom and insights from seasoned experts in the world of business.
The seminar, organized by The Muslim Executive Foundation, focused on the theme “Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies for Competitive Urge.”
Aspiring and seasoned business owners alike flocked to the event, eager to discover the keys to business success.
The seminar featured Mr Siddick Abdul Razak, a distinguished professional in the field of business consultancy. As the Director of SAR Consult, Mr Razak shared a wealth of knowledge that left attendees inspired and equipped to take their businesses to new heights.
A core principle emphasised by Mr. Razak was the importance of respecting customers.
He said that satisfied customers not only become loyal patrons but also serve as ambassadors for the business. Entrepreneurs were urged to look beyond their business’ immediate needs and consider strategies for growth.
Mr. Razak stressed that expanding one’s business can provide employment opportunities for others, contributing to both economic development and community well-being.
He delved into the intricacies of the business life cycle, with a particular focus on the introduction stage. He explained that understanding this phase’s dynamics is crucial for long-term success.
The business landscape is constantly evolving, marked by changes in consumer preferences and behaviours. Mr. Razak encouraged entrepreneurs to be adaptable and responsive to these attitudinal shifts.
A key takeaway was the importance of conducting comprehensive research before entering a new business venture. Entrepreneurs were advised to investigate the nature of the business thoroughly and seek insights from experienced individuals in the field.
Mr. Razak underscored the significance of product attractiveness, simplicity, and rebranding to maintain competitiveness in the market. Aesthetic appeal, he emphasized, can greatly influence customer choices.
Entrepreneurs were reminded that their personal presentation, including their attire, plays a vital role in pleasing customers and enhancing the overall business image.
The seminar was not merely a lecture but an interactive session. Entrepreneurs actively participated, asking diverse questions and receiving insightful answers.
The event served as a platform for attendees to gain invaluable insights into effective marketing strategies and a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape.
As the seminar concluded, participants left with renewed enthusiasm and a clearer vision of how to unlock the doors to business success.
Other speakers included Dr. Abdul Samad Muntaka, a lecturer at KNUST Business School, Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Baafi, Director of Leading Edge Academy.
In his warm welcome to the attendees, Sheikh Abdul Razak Bawa Aransa, the esteemed Imam of the Muslim Executive Foundation (MEF), underscored the paramount importance of acquiring knowledge and skills in today’s ever-evolving world.
He stressed that individuals need to equip themselves with the right tools and know-how to thrive in the face of increasing challenges, particularly in the backdrop of the ongoing global economic crisis.
Sheikh Bawa Aransa’s words resonated with the audience, highlighting the essential role of continuous learning and adaptability in navigating the complex terrain of the contemporary business environment.
Participants were inspired to explore innovative ways of enhancing their skills and knowledge, recognizing that these are the cornerstones of success in a world marked by rapid change and uncertainty.
The Imam’s wise counsel encouraged a proactive approach to acquiring expertise, ensuring that attendees departed with a renewed commitment to personal and professional development.
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